Mash Mandala, the designer behind Depoz, was kind enough to send me 2 of his new kitchens to review. Depoz is a name I'm familiar with, and I imagine alot of folks are - this is a place I found early on in my SL, and it's such a large operation, that's why I think most folks come across it early on. Mash sent a note with some info, and in the spirit of the Then & Now series also going on right now, I wanted to share the following:

I've been in secondlife since January of 2004.  Depoz was born on a small 512 spot on the sim Purple the following April, and has since grown to six sims.  It's the ultimate one~stop shopping center and hosts one of the largest variety of items at one location in secondlife.

That's a great example of SL longevity - 5 years and 6 sims! I tend to think of Depoz as a good place for appliances  and electronics - I'm not sure why, I suppose I must have needed such things at one time and that's where I found them -- but that's just a tiny sampling of what you'll find there. You'll also find building supplies, furniture, textures, prefabs, pets, kitchens & bathrooms, fences, stairs, pools, food, party supplies, wedding supplies, and more.

In the interest of a fair, honest review, I will say that most of Depoz's furniture doesn't suit my tastes. The textures tend to be flat, the styles are a bit generic (meaning it's the same styles  you'll find at most basic furniture stores), and the overall look of the pieces just isn't the eccentric, funky stuff I usually go for. Now, that's strictly my opinion, and I happen to be kinda snobby ;), so please take the time to look over the pieces yourself, make a visit to the shop, and decide for yourself.

Having said that -- I do think the kitchens that Mash sent for review are well-done, and certainly seem to be a progression in design. The textures are mostly photo-realistic, which I'm not a fan of, but they are good textures. I also see more shadow and depth in these kitchens than in some older works at Depoz, and I like that alot.

Ultimate Gourmet Kitchen

ultimate gourmet 4

We're seeing quite a trend lately in these large, full-service, very interactive kitchens, and I think it's awesome. With the Ultimate Gourmet Kitchen, you get the floors and walls, which is always fun for blog pics :), and there are quite a lot of texture options. You get anywhere from 9-12 different textures for the floor, for the walls, for the cabinets, countertops, appliances, sinks, and even the tile mural over the stove. I like my blue/black/white combo here. :) And, of course, what's the most fun thing in SL kitchens? ...ok, well, what's the 2nd most fun thing in SL kitchens? ;) Cooking, drinking, and things like that!

ultimate combo 1

I can't cook in RL, but I cut a mean vegetable in SL! I like the touch of the wine refrigerator in the island, too. All the appliances give food or drink options, too, so you can bake or cook and then enjoy your very own feast!

ultimate combo 2

As I  mentioned, I'm not very hip on the photo-realistic textures, but I know a lot of folks are - and it is cute to have a pantry and fridge filled with food. I really like the little touch of having the grocery bag sitting on the floor, and the animation of putting groceries away is cute. :)

Sheer Elegance Kitchen

sheer elegance kitchen 2

Another nice interactive kitchen, on a smaller scale. You have lots of texture options with this one, too, which is nice - and the same sorts of interactive animations. The texture change options also include changing the curtains and the scene outside the window, which is fun. :)

sheer combo

After I played with the kitchens, I popped over to Depoz to look around. I found another kitchen that I like the looks of, a nice take on a French country look - the Classic Cuisine Kitchen:

classic cuisine kitchen

Lots of little details, which always do a good job of bringing a kitchen "alive".

I also saw the Eternity Bathroom, a nice-looking, quiet-glam room - a small crystal chandelier would be dreamy in here. :)

eternity bath

I like the details with the curtain around the tub, the magazine rack, the toiletries on the wall shelf...I wish the medicine cabinet was 3D, but that doesn't detract from the overall look of this set. Nicely done!

Get over to Depoz and take a look around - there's 6 sims to peruse, so be prepared to spend some time!

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