Two quickies today!

Desiree Bisiani of Ambiance Furniture recently released the Athena Living Room, and it is gorgeous! Chock full of options and details, it's perfect for a larger space, and it's texture-changeable! Click any of the tables, the hutch, or the bookcase and you'll get a menu option for 4 different color schemes; I used several for my pictures so you can see a sampling. The upholstered pieces are yummy, too - very plush texturing - and also packed with animations: singles, friends, and couples. I'm very proud to say that several of my furniture animations (available at Pulling Strings) are also included in the set, which makes it just that much cooler. ;) Be sure to get over to Ambiance to see it for yourself!

ambiance 2

ambiance seating

ambiance details

From O-Magine HomeWorks, Omaire Abattoir sent me a review copy of the Astoria, a modern Mediterranean villa. From the outside, this looks like quite a large house - the inside, though, still feels cozy, not cavernous. I like that alot -- there's plenty of space, but not TOO much space that you'll never be able to fill it up! The first floor has a nice, open gallery feel - great for little vignettes like a sideboard and chair, a bookshelf, large floor plants...lots of great ways to use a space like this, especially with the little nooks and rooms off the main hall. The back of the first floor is open to the back deck, as well, which is great to catch those ocean breezes. I love the tiled floor Omaire used in the gallery - and the wall textures are very nice, a sort of linen wallpaper feel to them, which is one of my favorites in RL, too. Upstairs is a very nice open foyer with an L-shaped bedroom off to the side, just the right size for a large bed and a cozy sitting area. I adore the little wall lamps that are included throughout the house, too. Very nice touch!

omagine exterior

omagine main hall

omagine nook

omagine upper foyer

O-Magine HomeWorks