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Welcome to part 4 of the Second Spaces Then & Now series! Those of us who have been in SL for a while know how far design has come over the years. It’s a lot of fun to look back and see what SL looked like in 2005, 2006…and to appreciate the improvements and advancements since then. This series is a fun look at some of SL’s best designers to see how they’ve grown over the years. I also hope this might inspire those who are interested in starting their own designs – everyone has to start somewhere!

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Ramos Designs

Susan and xTrojan Ramos are the creative team behind Ramos Designs, a shop that continues to be one of my favorite spots for basics and fundamentals, and one that I recommend frequently to folks just starting down their SL decorating path. Susan told me that she's deleted her old inventory, so we can't take a stroll down that memory lane...but she did provide me with some pics of the Ramos store over the years. I love being able to see the physical growth of the brand!

Here's where Ramos started - the 2004 shop is their very first!

install 4 ramos all old

...and here we are today, Ramos 2009! Words from Susan:

We never set out to have a business in sl. It was just a hobby and taught ourselves how to build and texture. We did it for the fun of it. It then became an obession and we worked day and night to make Ramos Designs what it is now.  We didn't have any formal training or mentors. We just enjoyed what we were doing and worked very hard at making our stores what they are today. We now own 4 islands. We have expanded from a simple little furniture store to have four sims with furniture, playable games, pre-fabs, jewelry, and cakes. My only advice would be to do something you enjoy and practice, practice, practice.

install 4 ramos shop currentinstall 4 ramos furn currentYou can see more of Ramos Designs here, here (they're awesome for holiday items!), and of course, at their in-world location here.


Second Spaces

Ok, time to air my own shameful past. I don't know that I can claim myself as an established SL designer yet, but I can say that I've made progress. :) Here are some of my early attempts -- the first chair and table are probably my very, very first attempts, back in mid-2007. The other sets were a while after that, but were still while I was still in my poseballs and sculpty-cubes-are-the-only-sculpt-I-can-work-with phase, and definitely before I finally got the hang of creating textures! The horror!

install 4 all_my thenAnd now....ahhh, much better!

ashlyn sewing room

ashlyn sewing blog all

culver writing desk_blog

You can see more from Second Spaces...well, all over this blog :) and at my in-world location here!

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