Hi there! I have lots of quick things to share...so, I'm gonna do that. Here I go.

Ambiance Furniture - Regency Dining Room: another gorgeous room from Desiree Bisiani, this time an update on a previously released set. As always, lots of animations, several texture options, and lovely details. Beautiful!

ambiance 2

ambiance duo

Ambiance Interactive Furniture


Another Man's Treasure - Grand Re-opening!

AMT announcement

Stormy McCallister has been very busy creating a new sim, new shop, and new line of furniture! I've been lucky enough to get a few sneak peeks at the new stuff, and it's truly gorgeous! Be sure to swing by the party - it's going all day - to check out the beautiful work that Stormy has done, grab some freebies, and just have a great time!

Another Man's Treasure


Gwendolyn Bieler Interior Design: Gwendolyn is participating in the LoveBirds Couples Hunt, going on now through September 15th. Her contribution is the charming Charleston Chaise, seen below. It includes 3 animated poses, great for couples, and the Sorbet version is what you'll get from the hunt. There are also versions in tropical green and yellow, available for sale in the shop. Be sure to stop by Gwendolyn's shop, look for the pink & blue intertwined hearts, and there's the prize!


Gwendolyn Bieler Interior Design

That's gonna be it for now -- I have two designer reviews queued up for you, too...but I'll save those for later. Ooh, the suspense!!!