Well, I am just a blogging fool recently! As promised yesterday, I've got a few reviews for you, and also some pics from the grand re-opening of Another Man's Treasure. Here we go!

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Tandem Home Decor & Furniture: Midori Leandros, one of the creators behind Tandem, contacted me for a review. She and her design partner, Jinkx Jewel, are both quite ancient in SL terms, with rez dates from 2005; according to Midori's note, Tandem is a recent endeavor. I'm not sure how recent, but they do have a sizable inventory in place already of furniture, accessories, and prefabs.

What you'll find is a nice, open, modern build, very easy to browse. I find the textures to be a bit on the flat side - but, of course, we all know that I am a texture snob - and they're certainly not unacceptable by any means. The overall style of the pieces is contemporary and very, very reminiscent of The Loft, with a good measure of Del Sol and Ramos mixed in. Now, just like in RL, it's inevitable to find a lot of similar styles in furnishings, and it's natural to have multiple designers offering the same types of fundamental pieces. My preference would be to see Midori and Jinkx distinguish themselves in some way, to find their style, twist, etc that gives them some individuality. Having said that, if you're looking for a new place to shop for basic contemporary pieces, then certainly give Tandem a look-see.

A few things that caught my eye - the Tiffany Cream Fireplace and the Flame Keeper African Statue. I really like the statue, just a nice exotic touch of whimsy. :)

tandem 1

Next is the Patio Dining Table and the Malibu Beach Bed. The Patio Dining Table isn't my style at all, but I do like the way they put the chairs together, and the fact that they made the fabric texture slightly transparent to simulate a mesh. Very nice realistic touch!

tandem 2Tandem also offers quite a selection of artwork and accessories that are a bit on the exotic side, which is nice. You can see it all here!


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DAHaus by Daedalus Brink: I'm pretty sure that I've come across DAHaus before, but I think it was quite a while ago. Apparently, Daedalus and I have a mutual friend, and that friend asked me to swing by and check out DAHaus again...so I did. I think I can sum it up just this simply: if you want funky mod, go to DAHaus. There's  lots to see, be sure to click through the vendor rez displays, and it's almost all in the line of 50s-70s modern. Great details and accents, and lots of groovy colors that make me all nostalgic for back-in-the-day.

dahaus rampa

dahaus u sofa

dahaus wicker scene

Definitely take some time to check out DAHaus. It's a fairly small shop, hence the use of vendor rez displays, but there really is a lot more to see. There are some nice beds in the back on the first floor, and some smaller pieces up on the second floor. You'll also find a few mid-century mod classics, like the Eames Lounge (you can never go wrong with an Eames Lounge, not matter what your decor!). See it all here!


Another Man's Treasure: I told you yesterday about AMT's grand re-opening; I hope you stopped by! I did get a few minutes to swing by and snap some pics - and I'm just gonna show them to you here, no words needed! Ok, except for these words: Stormy has some awesome furniture that you need to go see! Yes, you!!!

amt group 1

amt group 2

Another Man's Treasure

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