Hi again! Just a few quick updates today:

(Elate!) Beach House: Last week I blogged about Kellie Iwish's new beach house - now she's released a new version with color-change walls! If you already bought the house before the update, Kellie has sent replacements...and if you didn't buy it already, well, now's as good a time as any! The new colors are below; they're like house candy!

elate colors


Belle Belle: A few things from one of my favorites! First, there's a new group gift available -- and I've told you repeatedly that you should join the group, because Leyla gives the BEST group gifts! This time around it's a precious little kitchen paper towel holder - how convenient!

belle belle gift

When I went to Belle Belle to grab my gift, I also headed to the secondary building to check out the info on a steampunk hunt that's just started today. You can find the signs with info just outside the door at Belle Belle, and click for info, starting LM, etc - there's also a sign for a hint to where you can find Leyla's hunt prize. The hunt is officially called the Steampunk Travelers' Event, Adventure & Megahunt and it runs from today through September 30th. I have no idea what sort of prizes you'll find (furniture, jewelry, clothes, etc - who knows?), but I know that Belle Belle's gift is awesome. :)

NOW, for the really exciting info: when I wandered into the shop to look for the hunt gift, I found that Leyla has just released 6 rooms of steampunk awesomeness called Aether. Like, seriously awesome. Like, so awesome that I told my best guy Giskard that he had to log in NOW to see it. It couldn't possibly wait. SO, what that means is that you need to get over there NOW and see it for yourself. Here are pictures to further tempt you, but really, you need to see it up close and personal to really absorb all the amazing details. I totally want it all.

belle group 1

belle group 2

By the way, other than cropping and edge shadows, I didn't post-process these pics at all. Leyla has truly made it all look just that amazing. Oh, and be sure to grab your free steampunk goggles from the stand in front of the Aether displays. Who can't use a good pair of steampunk goggles?