Just a quick hit of new and exciting things around the grid!! Of course, as blogged earlier, Second Spaces has a few new releases - you can see those here. In addition, check this out:

Ambiance: a SALE and a new set!

ambiance sale

Ambiance has also just released the Summerset Bathroom, another set created by Cheewha Palen. As always, it's packed with accessories and details, texture options, and tons of animations!

ambiance all

Ambiance Interactive Furnishings


Shade Fantasy Outfitters: I hadn't been to Shade Fantasy in a while, so I popped over to see what's new. I'll tell you what's new - awesome grasses and flowers, that's what. Ashade Sinister has some amazing sculpted grasses - they look so, so real, and come with little extras like particles and sounds - just perfect for anything where you need cool, wild grass! I also found that Ashade has added flowers, in a totally cute little nursery setup. Definitely something you need to see!

shade sin all

Shade Fantasy Outfitters


MudHoney: Rayvn Hynes has just released the Jersey Shore Beach house, a cute little cottage, great for those of us who like to keep it simple! I love that it is walled with windows - you can never have too much natural light!


MudHoney Designs