Some more awesome stuff from around the grid...

First, new things!

Mudhoney: Rayvn Hynes has released a ton of super cute spa items! She released the spa accessories a few weeks ago, and now the furniture sets to match so you can build your dream spa in SL! You can see all of the items on Rayvn's post here and, of course, grab a TP and go check it out in person!

mudhoney all

And now, new places (at least new to me!)

Picnic: Owned by nyasyousa Oh and shiroyagi Writer, Picnic has a small inventory of really cute shabby-chic style items. There are a few small furniture pieces, but mostly Picnic has stuff. I love stuff! Great accessories really make a room feel lived in, and these are all very well made and textured. The shop is currently undergoing renovation, and I'm excited to see what they do with it. Renovation or not, Picnic is definitely worth a visit!

picnic group 1 picnic group 2

picnic group 3



Life Is Good: Life Is Good is a very pretty sim, so you should visit for sightseeing purposes if nothing else. Owned by ino jie and porta fosse, you'll find a small furniture shop, a flower garden, and also an art gallery - all nicely laid out in a well-landscaped sim with rolling hills and curving paths. The furniture is cute, very clean-lines and a modern's the flower garden that I want to show you today. There's a very large selection of plants, flowers, grasses, and trees; there's also a ton of potted flowers and various garden accoutrements (5 points). Best of all - they have birds and pigs. :) Please see below:

lig group 1

lig group 2The birds tweet, and the pigs do that cute piggy thing with their snouts. Precious!

Life Is Good