The Loft has released new colors of the recently released Wisteria master bedroom! Now available, the Corie Bedroom - with warm, rich hues and texture change options...

corie all

...and the Mayer Bedroom Noir for those who love neutrals!

mayer all

As always at The Loft, the sets are packed with high quality extras and details, and tons of awesome animations. Go see 'em here!


New from Xen Style is the Cy Haven prefab. Amazing. Using baked textures that Xenius Revere is known for, this build looks so realistic and so awesome have to go see this in person.

xen all 1

xen all 2

The hologram dancer you see in the first pic is just the coolest thing EVER. You can check out the Cy Haven prefab here...and hey, if you're interested in learning how to make and texture super-cool sculpts like Xen does, check out the classes he offers thru Xeniversity. You can find info at - I don't see November classes listed yet, but keep your eyes on that website for more. I've taken two basic classes...and they're pretty awesome. :)

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