Dear readers, you know that I love SL houses. I talk about them. I blog them. If I hear/see someone ask "where can I get such-and-such style of house?", I bust out LMs, blog links, designer names in a flash! However...I have been living in the same house, on the same land, with the same landscaping for approximately 2 years and 9 months. So, I'd already been thinking it might be time for a change...and then my best guy, Giskard, and I made things "official" it really seemed like a good time to make a change, and to make a change to something that was for both of us and our individual tastes.

And so the hunt began. Now I'm predominantly a simple, cottage, shabby chic kind of gal...and Gis really doesn't think about decor or style, BUT he does love steampunk. So our goal was to bring our two styles together. My land is a gorgeous parcel on the water, part of about 12-15 sims that comprise the ring of habitable land around the base of a very large volcano. I've had a tropical/tiki vibe going since I moved in - you can see how it was all set up originally in early blog posts here and here - so I wanted to do something different.

We started the search with one of my favorites,  [ba] Barnesworth Anubis. Of course, Barnes has a ton of houses to choose from, and that's where my original house came from. The one that stood out for Giskard was the Lungo house. We liked the simple lines, the open concept...I liked that it could be a fairly blank canvas for the mish-mash of our styles. So it went on the "maybe" list.

barnes lungo all

Next, a trip to another of my favorites, Leyla Firefly's Belle Belle Furniture. Leyla doesn't have a ton of houses, but I know she has some, and that was reason enough for me. When I landed, I found a LM giver to a new house - Ravenwood Manor. Awesome! What I really like about Ravenwood is that it's not your average prefab house. It's a bit spooky, maybe a bit kooky, and I really think that it would work great with both shabby chic/cottage and steampunk decor - it's a bit bigger than we need, but not so massive that we'd get lost in there. I can also totally see this house high on a bluff overlooking the ocean...and as it turns out, I have an ocean. :) So here's another for the "maybe" list!

belle raven all

Next, I went searching thru my folder of LMs for places that are "to be blogged." I've got quite a few places that I haven't gotten around to blogging, but that I have checked out and deemed as awesome. One of those places is ~Dirty Rat~ by n0th1ng Ackland. Gis and I spent a lot of time there, a while back, rezzing all the houses and checking them out -- there are a ton of really cool, eclectic, unusual prefabs to check out, so I highly recommend a visit to play with them all! The one that most caught my attention this time around is the Old Church. I really love the idea of refurbishing an old church to be used as a house, in RL as well as SL, so this idea really got me excited. Plus, an old abandoned church is perfect for both of our styles - I could buy 2 copies (they're mod only) and mod them together to create one church with a larger interior...take most of the pews out...and ta da, a perfect open living space, sort of like a rundown warehouse loft, just quirkier. :) Surround it with tall grass, wildflowers, etc - oh, my mind paints a gorgeous picture! Add it to the "maybe' list!

dirty rat church all

Okay, for those keeping score at home, that's 3 on the "maybe" list...tune in tomorrow (or sometime soon after that) for part 2 of The Hunt!


[ba] Barnesworth Anubis (main shop location - you can TP from there to each display house)

Belle Belle (main location) and here's the SLurl straight to Ravenwood Manor

~Dirty Rat!~ (look for the teleporter pad in the shop to take you to the display platform)

***By the way, Belle Belle is holding their first ever "Belle" Trick of Treat Hunt until midnight SLT tonight! Twenty prizes to be found - look for the bones that will be spawning around the sim - click and get a trick (no prize) or a treat! Hurry up and get over there!!***
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