Good morning, dear readers. When last we spoke, I shared with you three of the "maybe" houses that Giskard and I had found so far in our hunt. As mentioned, our goal was to find a place that works on my waterfront land...that fits a mish-mash of our styles (my shabby chic cottage with his steampunk)...and that is, well, you know, cool and awesome. SO...let's see what else we found!

As it turns out, I have quite a lot of houses in my inventory that have come to me for blog reviews, or as thanks for blog reviews, or just because I have some really amazing designer friends. :) All of the houses in my inventory are wonderful, but not all of them really fit what Gis and I are looking for. One that we did pull out and give another look is the Fujisawa House from Bahia Tiki and Zen by Aral Levitt. I reviewed this house back in May, and I really do love it. I love Asian design in houses and furniture, and the details in the Fujisawa are just gorgeous. Plus, it's a perfect size - not too big, not too small (in which to eat our porridge). I think we could make steampunk work with an Asian aesthetic...shabby chic cottage might be trickier, but I see possibilities. Add it to the list!

bahia all

Next stop: JD Mechanical Toy Factory, Jenne Dibou's awesome little steampunky shop. I think I blogged JD Mechanical last year for some of their gorgeous Christmas deco items, and I hadn't really stopped by since then (shame on me!). When we popped over there this time, we found a beautiful windmill prefab! Yes, a windmill! Great detail, gorgeous textures, a working millstone! The living space is just the right size - nice living area on the first floor, a small room on the middle floor, and then another open area up in the silo of the windmill where you can take a ladder to the very top. This would be really great for my shabby chic stuff, and I think we could work in steampunk easily enough. On the list! (Jenne also has a gorgeous lighthouse - we loved that, too, but the living space was a bit too small. Definitely look for the LM giver at JD Mechanical and go see the lighthouse for yourself!)

jd windmill all

I also took a look at Pre Fabulous Homes by Amo Lambeau & Fornicola Butuzova. I've checked out all of their houses before - and they're all worth visiting - but this time I had a specific goal, of course. This time, what caught my eye was The Old Barn. Now, I know that's a stretch...but it's such a great barn, and just like with churches, I love the idea of converting barns into houses. It can be done! Gorgeous textures and the use of light and shadow really give the barn the kind of depth I always look for in a build...the stalls on the main floor would be great for little sub-rooms...and the little spaces on the upper levels are perfect for a cozy bedroom/nook. Oh yes, I added it to the list!

prefab barn all

And there you have it - that's our list! Stay tuned for the next installment when we find out which one was chosen! Will it suit both of our styles? Will it work with the land? Will it be awesome? Will Elle just do it her way and tell Gis to man up and accept it? Find out soon!


Bahia Tiki and Zen

JD Mechanical Toy Factory

Pre Fabulous Homes