So, RL kept me away for a few catch everyone up, I've been house hunting with my best guy, Giskard. We looked high, we looked low, we looked in my inventory, and we looked side to side. To see all the candidates, check the posts here and here.  We found a lot of great possibilities, and after much thought and consideration, we chose.....are you ready?



home outside mainThe Windmill from JD Mechanical Toy Factory!! Yay! We love the quirkiness of it, and of course I adore the detail and awesome texturing. I terraformed to give us as much of a high bluff as my land would allow, added lots of rocks for a coastal feel, and got to decorating! The rocks are from Las Islas, complete with swirly foam and misty sprays. I wanted a picture with the spray, but my graphics weren't cooperating. The grasses are a mix from Organica and Shade Fantasy Outfitters, and the cherry trees are from my favorite,  Heart Garden Centre!

Stepping inside, you'll see our main living area. Both Gis and I really love the Aether steampunk set from Belle Belle, so we knew we wanted to include some pieces from that collection. The seating, coffee table, and fireplace are part of it, as well as the gear-clock thingy on the wall. I used pieces from the m. fox collection along with a lot of my own furniture and accessories from Second Spaces. It's cozy!

home lr allYou can see the detail on the Aether pieces from Belle Belle in the middle picture below. Love it!

home lr 2 allTaking the ladder up to the middle floor...well, we don't really have anything there yet. Except for the cool ass ventilator from the Aether set again! Otherwise, I'm using that as a work space...and right now, to play with the super high-powered fan that n0th1ng Ackland of ~Dirty Rat~ sent me. :)

home middleUp on the third level I've set up a bedroom space. From here you can also take the ladder up to the very top of the windmill, which is a great look out spot. For pirates and whatnot. The Chabba bed is from NOTsoBAD, and it's just gorgeous! It's color changeable and has a gazillion animations in it, and it's just so lush. I also set up a little sink/vanity's simple, but I really like the feel of the room.

home br allhome br 2 allOddly enough, all those toiletries are Giskard's.

Heading back outside, I've got a precious little birdhouse on the porch area, right next to my swing. We also have Tiki, our steampunk tiki god, standing guard on the rocks to ward off evil..or whatever it is that steampunk tiki gods will ward off.

home outside all 1There ya have it! That's our place! Yay for house hunting and cool stuff!


JD Mechanical Toy Factory: windmill

Belle Belle: living room couch, chair, coffee table, fireplace, gears clock, ventilator, bedroom dresser and armoire

m. fox: bookshelf, accessories (some of them) *m. fox store is no longer open :(

Second Spaces: dining table, board games, accessories (some of the rest of them), sideboard

NOTsoBAD: bed

The Loft: sink, bedroom picture frames and and lamp, painting, toiletries, basket o' towels, some of the flowers

Ambiance: sake set, brandy set

[ba] Barnesworth Anubis: large floor candles

Ramos Designs: bedroom white shag rug

Life is Good: precious birds and birdhouse

Lucy Rusts' Boondoggle: steampunk tiki god

Las Islas: rocks, swirly water and seamist

Heart Garden Centre: cherry trees

Organica: grasses, wildflowers

Shade Fantasy Outfitters: grasses

*This is by no means a complete inventory, but it is the biggest pieces, and then some of the smaller pieces that I can actually remember where they came from, and even some accessory pieces that are in the pics but hard to see - just know that they're there!*

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