Happy Saturday, dear readers! Happy post-Thanksgiving to those who celebrated this week - hope you're all stuffed, in a good way. :) Just a few things going on that I want to share with you...

2nd annual Starlust wide Trash and Garbage Hunt: this starts today and runs thru December 5th, covering all 10 of the Starlust sims! You're looking for, well, trash -- empty coffee cups, poptart boxes, Cheetos bags, etc - and in there you'll find goodies from the Starlust merchants! My little shop is on the Elliott sim, and I didn't spread my trash too widely from that point - here's what you're looking for from Second Spaces: the Trashy Treasure Damaged Living Set!

All four pieces are out there, so there are four pieces of trash from me. Happy Hunting!

Second Spaces @ Elliott

Second Spaces/Pulling Strings at Winterstock! Shame on me that I haven't blogged this before now. :( The Winterstock sim opened in the early part of November, and will be open until January 3rd. The entire sim is snow-covered and holiday-festive, and filled with tons of great merchants showing off their holiday wares! In my little stable you'll find holiday decorations for your home, as well as holiday poses for any purpose (great for holiday card photos!). You'll also find my Wrapped With Love Messy Packages - just like I wrap 'em in RL.

Second Spaces/Pulling Strings @ Winterstock

Coming soon - The Down the Chimney Hunt! I'll be participating for both Second Spaces and Pulling Strings -- and as soon as I've made my prizes, I'll give you a sneak peek!

Talk to you again soon!

Authorelle kirshner