Oh, it was bound to happen again, eventually. :) I am ecstatic to announce another Second Spaces Design Contest: Santa's Escape!

Everyone needs to get away for the holidays - even Santa! What would his escape look like? On the day after Christmas, is he at a luxury spa? Is he going on a TV and junk food binge? Is it time to enjoy that basement sex den? Does he finally get a chance to play with all those toys in the workshop? It's up to you!!

Prizes provided by these awesome designers:

The Loft // Belle Belle  // Ambiance  // MudHoney // [ba] Barnesworth Anubis // Heart Garden // Another Man's Treasure

Here's how it works: each contestant gets a Second Spaces shadowbox in which to create their vision of Santa's escape. We have an expert panel of designer judges who will select our winners - we'll be looking for creativity, clever aesthetics, smart use of prims, and an overall sense of design. The contest will run for approximately 2 weeks, during which the contestants can organize their shadowboxes. We'll wrap it up with an event on December 19th when the boxes are ready for viewing -- we'll have a live DJ and festivities, the judges will make their selections and we'll announce the winners at the end of the event! It'll be a party, so everyone is invited!

Here's what you need to know: - There are only 15 shadowboxes available.*UPDATE as of Dec 9, there are only 2 boxes left!* To enter the contest, head over to the Second Spaces contest grounds, select an available shadowbox and claim it as yours. To claim it, you need to do three things:

  1. You'll see a rent box in front of the shadowbox; right click and pay $1L to rent the space. (You only have to do this for a 1 week period, and that will reserve the box for you until the contest is over.)
  2. Right-click and Buy the shadowbox for $0L. Do NOT take the shadowbox into your inventory; when you buy it, you're buying the original, so leave it sitting right where it is. Buying it will allow you to retexture the inside of the box as needed.
  3. Send an IM to Elle Kirshner to let her know you've entered the contest!

- Only 200 prims are allowed in your design! That includes furniture, accessories, plants -- whatever you use. 200 prims is all you get! - No more than $1000L can be spent on your design! That's right -- Santa has to be budget-conscious, too!  On the day of the contest event, you'll be asked to provide a notecard detailing all objects purchased and their Linden value. - Your design elements can be purchased OR built by you! Now's your chance to show off your building skills! - Only the INSIDE of the shadowbox can be re-textured. The outside must remain textured with the Second Spaces background. - You may place items just outside the shadowbox on the platform, if needed.

IM Elle Kirshner with any questions! Good Luck!

Santa's Escape Design Contest

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