Good morning, dear readers! I told you a week or so ago that the Down The Chimney Hunt was coming up soon -- and you've probably seen it mentioned on countless other blogs -- it is officially in full force now! It started on the 6th and is going strong until the 20th!

The best gridwide hunt in Second Life is back! Over 90 top-quality indie, bohemian, eclectic and alternative stores have teamed up to give you an awesome second holiday!

The hunt includes male and female clothiers, skin makers, shoe, jewelry and accessory stores, home goods stores, pose makers, hair creators and more.

The fun starts at the Kunstkammer Main Store in Emmelia. Each gift includes a link to the next store in the hunt, and the last store goes back to the start, (so you can start at any point in the hunt).

Here's the SLurl to get started: Kunstkammer Main Store

And here's what you'll find at Second Spaces, #7 on the list! The Camille Window Seat!

The seat includes 4 sit animations, and the accessories are included as separate items, so you can move them around as you like!

I've got a few more things to share with you, sent to me by some of the great merchants participating in the hunt. Here we go!

Julia Collection - designed by Jules Odigaunt, the Mini Park is just a precious little bit of green for any outdoor space. I included a close-up shot, too, so that you can see the great texturing and shadow detail - this is very well done. I really like the idea of this on the roof of a building in the middle of an urban downtown area. :)

Atomic Owl - Mako Kungfu sent me the 4 Seasons Photo Scene, a cute idea for photo backdrops in one handy little package! Each side represents a different season, and it's textured enough to make it clear which season, but not so much that you have to worry about your accessories - or your AV - clashing with the background! (I love the little mousehole in the winter scene.)

Next is the gift from Tryst, by Devin09 Dover - a cute little cuddle rug set. The set includes the rug/pillows, the plant, candles, and the fireplace. I set it up in my igloo - no reason it can't be cozy in there! In the last picture, you'll see me with my new pal, a Northern Cardinal male songbird from .:SHD:. I love cardinals - it is the state bird of Virginia, after all - and creator Mosley Sperber has done a great job! I  love the little crest on his head. (That's the bird's head, not Mosley's head, just to be clear.) The hunt prize includes 4 variations - crest up or down, worn on the left or right - and the birds blink and whistle a little tune (when touched). I've seen a lot of the birds and other creatures from .:SHD:. and they're all precious, and great accessories for your yard and garden!

Be sure to get started on the Down The Chimney Hunt soon! You'll find all the items above along the way, not to mention a ton of other awesome gifts! Happy hunting!

Authorelle kirshner