Okay - I missed posting on Day 3 - it happens. All the more reason that you should swing by H&S Village and Belle Belle every day. EVERY. DAY. I am emphatic about that. EMPHATIC.

Here's what you'll find at Second Spaces and Pulling Strings for Day4 - and don't forget to wander around the rest of the village for $1L goodies from the other participating shops!

H&S Village [SLurl]

Belle Belle is smack dab in the midst of their 12 Day event, too, and Leyla is doing a great job of getting each day's item out super early! Here's what you missed on days 2 and 3...

...and that is why you must not miss any more days! NONE. Today's gift is absolutely precious...and that's all the hint I'm giving!

Belle Belle [SLurl]

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