I will post lots and lots of pictures soon, but first I want to recognize and congratulate our winners!! The party was great fun, and all of the entries were just fabulous! So fabulous, in fact, that my esteemed judges donated more prizes so that we could have a fourth place winner, too! Congratulations to:

Grand Prize: Tymmerie Thorne & Jerremy Darwin, Santa's New Orleans Man Cave

Second Place: Trash Wahwah, Santa's Hotel Hangover

Third Place: Stacie Pryor, Santa Saves the Environment

Fourth Place: Chloe Thirdborn, Trailer Park Santa

Look for additional posts in the next few days with a lot more pics of all the fantastic details in these displays, as well as pics of all the entries! You can also still swing by the contest grounds to see the displays yourself - they'll be up for a few more days!

Second Spaces Contestgrounds

A million thanks again to my judges: Leyla Firefly, Rayvn Hynes, and Colleen Desmoulins! <3

Authorelle kirshner