...and Elle was scrambling to post a final holiday wrap up. :) So, while you're still decorating, check these out! The Loft - Morgan Christmas scene: this set has already taken the grid by storm, and rightfully so, but I'm still gonna post it, because it is awesome. AWESOME.

Those ornaments look so real!! <3

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Next, from Ambiance, the "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" Dining set...and fyi, that table will see some action above and beyond kissing. ;) Great animations included, as we've come to expect from Ambiance...and more pretty ornaments! The shiny gets me every time!

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I also checked out the holiday location of MB-Creationz by Minke Bailey. I have seen Minke's work before, and it's good stuff. Her holiday collection is filled with color and whimsy, and definitely worth taking a look! There's a lot to see, so here's just a sampler!

The Christmas Palm Trees are just fun!

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The next set isn't technically holiday-themed, but it is the Winter Livingroom, so it counts! Recently released from MudHoney, this is a great casual set, very rustic and organic. I love all the pillows on the sofa, and the slippers are such a cute touch!

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That's it for today! I still owe you more pics and stuff from the Santa's Escape contest, so that's coming soon. I've also got a few reviews to complete, now that my holiday rush is (hopefully, mostly) behind me...stay tuned!

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