Congratulations again to the winners of the Santa's Escape Design Contest! I promised I would post pics of all the entries, and here I finally am to do that! I'll show you the winners again, too, with some additional detail this time. Really, all the entries were great!! I am continually amazed at the creativity abounding within SL!

Grand Prize winners: Tymmerie Thorne & Jerremy Darwin - Santa's New Orleans Man Cave

This room was packed full of so many funny little details and touches --  be sure to check out who's calling on that fancy office phone! ;)

Second Place: Trash Wahwah - Santa's Hotel Hangover

If you can't read it - the note on the mirror says "For a good time call 555-555-55516 - Ask for Wahwah" - that number isn't valid, though. So I've heard.

Third Place: Stacie Pryor - Santa Saves the Environment

We can all learn from Santa!

Fourth Place: Chloe Thirdborn - Trailer Park Santa

I love Santa's motivational posters in the weight room. :) His resolutions list on the refrigerator is precious, too: Lose 15 pounds, Ride my bike more, Work less at night, Eat more meals at home, Drive less!

Sevenstar Amat:

SarahTheRed Aurbierre:

Aisuru Rieko:

Salvia Homewood:

Aruba DeCuir:

Ona Stenvaag:

Jazzmyn Criss:

Lia Littlething:

Thanks again to all the contestants - you all did an amazing job! Also, tons and tons of thanks again to my awesome sponsors!

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