I got what is possibly my favorite review request notecard EVER from Etain Peregrine of Dark Eden. She sent me the request back in early December, but as you know, dear readers - I'm slow. Plus the holidays and the design contest were staring me down, so I'm just now getting to this review. However, my delay does not reduce the awesomeness of the items, nor of the request. Don't judge me!

Ok, so I know Dark Eden from Etain's clothing line, as I'm sure many of you do. She has just very recently branched into furniture, and is branching quite well! In her own words, what you'll find at Dark Eden Living is

Grungy furniture intended for post apoc/neko/urban roleplay communities and the people who love them. The furniture is aiming for looking rundown, dirty, maybe even a little nasty but still beautiful in its own way. (being drunk and squinting helps in the beauty part I suppose).

Dark Eden is also a certified SexGen reseller, and you know what that means! Bom chica wow. As usual, I had no one available to help me test out the beds' animations, but I did take a peek at the menu options. *blush* So, without further adieu...

The Comforter Bed series! Great use of sculpted bedding and beautiful textures - there are 4 sets, named after the 4 seasons (not like Frankie Valli, though, just to be clear). There are also living sets in lots and lots of colors that coordinate well with the bed sets.

Autumn and Winter:

Spring (I love the greens and blues!):

Summer (the blood stains make me giggle - is that weird?):

Etain also has a really cute tub and leaky pipe combo - it may be hard to see the water in the pics, but the leaky pipe is the shower source for the tub...cute!

I have to share the diagrams that Etain sent over to help me find the items in the shop - now, by the time I got over there (slow) the shop had been rearranged...but thanks to these handy and detailed diagrams, I was able to find my way! ;)

Head over there yourself - take a pal so you can try out those animations!

Dark Eden Living is here!

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