I had a chance recently to play dress-up in the new Glam Dressing Room from MudHoney. Yay for dress-up! Now, I'll clarify: I DJed a disco party earlier in the day, which explains the outfit, and it seemed like a great outfit for these pics. I don't just generally walk around in gold lame' and large discorific hair. :)

Rayvn Hynes has put together a gorgeous room, complete with wardrobe, a huge lighted mirror, and lots of really cute accessories!

The vanity table also has a really cool feature where, when you sit in the chair, the camera automatically snaps around so that your view is from behind the mirror, looking at yourself. That's pretty awesome. :) I really love the hats that are scattered around, too - such a great, realistic detail.

In addition to the room set, Rayvn has also released a Glam Dressing Room Photoble, great for pictures! It's like a scaled down version of the room, made to look like a fancy store dressing room, and including both singles and couples (wink wink!) poses.

Check it all out at MudHoney!

**poses shown in the first two pics are my own, used for photo purposes**

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