Aya Liotta is reopening her prefab home store, -abode-, and that happens today! She sent me a copy of her newest release, the Sephia Lake House, and so, dear readers, I share that with you. I'm a giver.

The house is a nice medium size, with great rustic textures, and very nice details in the windows and trim work. I really like how Aya has mixed brick wall sections in with wallpaper and panelling - it's subtle but goes a long way to keeping that rustic feel. Just inside the front door is a large living area, partially divided into two rooms - the room with the fireplace and picture window would make a great dining room! To the left of this main area is the hall to the bedrooms - it's a very nice wide hall, with a great window, so it's definitely another area just ripe for decorating. ;) Never neglect your hallways!

Before we move to the bedrooms (oh my!), I want to show you a close-up of the fire place. I love a large brick fireplace, just in general - what I really like about this one is the texturing on the back interior wall. The little flourish pattern is a great touch!

The house includes 2 bedrooms, both a nice size with great wall textures and beautiful windows for lots of sunlight. The first bedroom opens onto the back deck, as well.

Be sure to swing by -abode- today - I'm not sure what time the grand opening kicks off, but I know it's today, and I know that Aya plans to offer the Sephia Lake House at a discounted price for the first 48 hours! Going forward, as well, she plans to offer each new release at a discount for the first 48 hours...which means you need to be sure to join her subscriber group so you always know when the new stuff is coming out!

-abode- [SLurl]

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