Leyla Firefly of Belle Belle has just released the most adorable little snow hut EVER. The Apres-ski Snow Hut comes furnished or unfurnished - and precious in either version - and Leyla was sweet enough to send me a copy of the furnished version, in which I have been playing house all afternoon.

Doesn't it look like it should be on a Swiss postcard or something? The cabin is comprised of a main living area and a single bedroom, with a cute little bathroom just off the bedroom. As with all of Leyla's items, the textures are gorgeous and the details are perfect. I love the plants and flowers sprinkled all through the hut, as well as in the window boxes on the outside. You know what - the pictures speak for themselves...so let me show you. :)

I love love love that Leyla used a reflection in the bathroom mirror! I also really adore the suitcase and skis in the living room, seen above - such a natural and well-done extra. And the cookies in the living room look so yummy! Mmmmm cookies.

Now, in addition to furnished or unfurnished, there is also a Passion Inside version...and I think you know what that means. ;) This version includes the furniture, as well as an animation engine with over 90 -- NINETY! -- couples animations throughout the hut. In Leyla's words:

Animations allow you to take advantage of the entire Snow Hut, where it's keeping warm by the fire, getting frisky on the sofa, cooking up some lovin' in the kitchen, surrendering to the throes of passion in the bedroom or getting clean and wet in the shower to start all over again!

Oh my. :) As it happens, the copy I got is the Passion Inside version...and you know, dear readers, that I never have a buddy to help me with the animations. :( But, damnit, I will not be denied! So, out came the boy alt, and here he is to help me demonstrate some of the cuter animations. Oh, I also tried out the naughty ones - too steamy to show on this blog! ;)

He spilled cocoa on his shirt, so we had to hop in the shower.

When you go to see the Apres-ski Snow Hut for yourself, you know what to do - take a buddy! Available now at Belle Belle, and it's a must-see!

Belle Belle [SLurl]

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