Rayvn Hynes of MudHoney has decided that spring is coming early. ;) She sent me a copy of her latest release, the Spring Gazebo...and it does sorta make me wanna go running thru a meadow. But I won't. Yet.

Anyway, this is just a super cute little hangout spot, and definitely looks great in a field of wildflowers, as seen in the pic. ;) The precious daybed is packed with anims, for couples, singles, and just hanging out. I took the opportunity to catch up on my reading while I was preparing this blog post. The daybed is a little large in scale, which really just makes it great for all of your friends to pile on to - and emphasizes the fact that I had no friends to play with at the time of the pic. (sob) All of the textures are gorgeous, of course, and I really love how Rayvn used all the throw rugs scattered around.

As expected from MudHoney, the gazebo is full of really cute accents. The framed prints are adorable, the lanterns are awesome, and the potted flowers are really cute. My absolute favorite, though, is the window frame leaning against the wall. I LOVE using architectural elements as decor, so this does it for me on that level - but what I absolutely love more than anything is the 3d shadow that Rayvn added...that gives it such depth, I just wanna reach out and touch it. (oh my)

A really amazing job on all every aspect of the design and build - the Spring Gazebo is available now at MudHoney!

MudHoney [SLurl]

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