Uncle Hank spends hours and hours in his potting shed - but doing what? The grass is overgrown, the flowers are dying...what could he be up to?

Second Spaces is happy to share with you the newest release: Uncle Hank's Potting Shed. The full release includes the potting shed, the bench seat outside, and all the accessories seen inside! That includes seeds, pots, fertilizer...oh, and Uncle Hank's stash of liquor and vintage girly mags. Who wouldn't spend all their time out there? ;)

The set is being released today, Jan 30th, as the SL Daily Deal - for today only, the entire set will be available for just 350L, and only 100 copies will be available!!! After the SL Daily Deal has come to a close, the set will be available for 650L, and the individual pieces will also be available for purchase on their own. It can be found in the main location of Second Spaces!

The SLDD starts at 9am SLT - that's like now! Get over there and grab your copy!

Second Spaces main location SLurl