Happy V Day, dear readers. <3 Just a quick post for you today - I spent some time browsing the new Albero Home & Garden build last night, and found some really cute stuff! There are about, I think, 20 or so merchants there, all offering great items for, well, your home and garden. :) There are names I'm familiar with, and that you probably know, too, like The Loft, Artilleri Home, Turnip's Homes and Stuff, and Elate. I could have taken a million pics to share with you, but decided to just focus on the merchants that are new(ish) to me. Definitely take some time to visit yourself - it's a really cute build, and the shops are all set up really well and creatively. You can get there from here [SLurl].

And now, it's picture time!

Napoliy by tetuma Kawashima

Beloved Custom Designs by Aisuru Rieko

{theosophy} by Trace Osterham

:::teal::: by Zona Bronet

True Love Never Die by Via Tereshchenko

*Phi* by Sephia Ellison

Albero Home & Garden

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