Welcome to February Weekend 2 of Spruce Up Your Space! We continue this month's theme of "Cupid's House" - our designers were asked to envision what Cupid’s off-hours space looks like – maybe he’s a slob, maybe he’s into a bit of kink, maybe he’s homeless! A different set of designers will be releasing their items each weekend in February, at discounted prices for that weekend only!

This weekend, Second Spaces is up and I've got some really cute stuff for you! The way I figure it, Cupid's a regular guy -- he works his 9 to 5, and at the end of a long day, he comes home and starts to unwind. He needs somewhere to hang his wings and his quiver, store his arrows, sit down to change his shoes, and of course, check his mail. So I give you - Cupid's Hall.

For this weekend only, pick up the Mail Center set for $125L and the Bench & Shelf set for just $150L! You get all the items and accessories shown in the pics, plus a texture change rug! In the Mail Center, be sure to click the chalkboard, too - it cycles thru three different message textures. :)

The accessories are soft-linked with the furniture, which means it's easy for you to switch them out for your own, slightly less-Cupidish items. :)

Spruce Up Your Space officially kicks off at 9am SLT this morning, and the items are available at the discounted prices thru Sunday night! Grab these at Second Spaces [SLurl]...they're actually available now if you just can't wait until 9. ;)

Also helping you spruce this weekend are 3 more of our awesome designers:

Okay...for no apparent reason, Wordpress has decided that I shall not include any more pics in this post, no matter what! So, instead, I give you the link to our SUYS flickr group - you can see preview pics of all the releases for this weekend right HERE. Enjoy!