Hey there, fellow home/decor designers - there are some great advertising deals available now in Prim Perfect -- don't say I never share! ;)

Here's the newsletter from Prim Perfect:

NEWS! DISCOUNTS! GREAT STUFF! From Prim Perfect, SL's Homes and Gardens Magazine


It's almost spring ... finally! I suspect there are a lot of people like me who have had WAY too much winter weather this year. And like me, they'll want to freshen their Second Life space - relocate, redecorate, and renew.

For SL merchants, that's a wonderful opportunity to reach out to both old and new customers - and Prim Perfect has some innovative ways to do just that.

In this Newsletter: ~ * Special-Rate Linden Homes Ads - only eight available, first come, first served! * ~ ~ * Announcing...the Marketplace and Classifieds! * ~ ~ * Other advertising enquiries! * ~

First, a one-time-only limited offer for designers making furniture and accessories for the new Linden Homes.

~ * Special-Rate Linden Homes Ads - only eight available, first come, first served! * ~

The new Linden Homes are great, but they present some design challenges. There's a low prim allowance and the houses look similar within each community. How can homeowners make the house their own?

Prim Perfect is planning a monthly feature on the ways our readers personalize their Linden Homes. We'll showcase one reader's home in each issue and explore the design choices that he or she made. AND...to celebrate this new feature, we're making a special offer for our March issue ONLY. We'll be setting aside eight half-page ads at LESS THAN HALF PRICE for designers to present their Linden Homes-ready furnishings. And of course, we'll place the ads close to the Linden Homes feature.

This means that instead of paying the usual price of L$7500 for a standard half-page ad, for these special ads, designers will pay only L$3500. The ads will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Art MUST be received by March 7. (The dimensions in pixels are 2480 width x 1755 height, at a resolution of 300 dpi.)

If you want to claim one of these special Linden Homes ads, send your name and the name of your store as soon as possible to Aisling Sinclair BY NOTECARD in world, or by email at aisling.sinclair@gmail.com.  Remember, there are only eight of these special Linden Homes ads available!

~ * Announcing...the Marketplace and Classifieds! * ~

We're initiating two new advertising sections in Prim Perfect, specially geared toward new advertisers and smaller shops.

The first, our colorful Marketplace section, will be composed of display ads (images and text) and will be available at three price points: Bronze, L$2500 (705 x 1580 pixels); Silver, L$3500 (1460 x 1580 pixels); and Gold, L$5000 (2220 x 1580 pixels), all at 300 dpi. Our new Classifieds section will feature line ads (text only, or with a simple graphic). Ads up to 20 words are L$250; boxed ads are L$600; and boxed ads with graphic are L$1250. Use our Classifieds to advertise your land, your business, your shop, your services, your opening, your event - all at a very affordable price.

Elegia Underwood is handling arrangements for the Marketplace and Classifieds sections - to book an ad or request information, please contact her in world or by email at elegia.underwood@gmail.com.

~ * Other advertising enquiries! * ~

Want to learn more about advertising in Prim Perfect - or in Designing Worlds, our sister television show on Treet TV? We can help you reach thousands of readers and viewers each month who could be looking for YOUR product or service. Contact me to get started!

Warm regards,

Aisling Sinclair Advertising & Client Relations Manager Prim Perfect/Designing Worlds aisling.sinclair@gmail.com

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