Hi there! I'm trying to catch up on blogging -- so I'm cramming a few things in today's post - all important, so read every word! First - odds are, you know about the Linden Homes now available for Premium Members. I haven't messed with these at all - they look nice enough, but the hassle of mainland and the 117 prim limit just doesn't interest me. What does interest me is that some of my favorite  designers have created low prim furniture, specifically with the Linden Homes in mind! That means everyone can have a stylish, cozy home regardless of those pesky prim limits! Be sure to check out the offerings from The Loft and from MudHoney - available now!

Keep an eye on Prim Perfect, too - they will be showcasing a designer-decorated Linden Home each month! I believe the March issue is coming out today, and will include the first Linden Home feature!

DESIGNER REVIEW: Little Boxes - Sesi and Winston Ackland sent me a few items to check out from their fairly new shop. BTW, Little Boxes is just the most precious name ever for a SL home/decor shop. :) There's a definite shabby chic feel to their items, and in Sesi's note to me, she stated that she's also starting to branch out to more modern pieces - so look forward to some eclectic choices!

I really love the trend lately of smaller cottage/cabin style houses, and the Red Brick Bungalow from Little Boxes is a great little cozy nook. I would like to see more shading in the textures - they seem a bit flat - but I do like the concept. The little windows are cute, and the birds in the wall textures are a very nice, unexpected detail.

I love a four-poster bed, and I really like the little ruffled bedskirt on the Poster Bed. Again, I would love to see more shading to give the textures more depth, but I do appreciate the detail of the ruffle, counterpane, and pillows. As for the birdhouse - well, you just can't go wrong with little shabby chic birdhouses!

Find Little Boxes here: [SLurl]

DESIGNER REVIEW: :: Z's :: - Zayn Graves is the designer, with a focus mainly on steampunk/victorian-inspired items. I've had his review folder for quite a while...I kinda had to look at it a few times, dwell on it, and then play with it a bit before I decided that yeah, I kinda like it. :) What Zayn sent me is the Hugh Jass set - and yeah, say that name out loud. It is on the huge side, absolutely, so there's truth in advertising for ya. Zayn does a good job with his textures, and a really good job with details and curves, and I like that. The furniture is a bit on the primmy side, and I wasn't happy to see that the couch is using poseballs...but I do really like the tassels he added to the arm rolls.

The second pic is Zayn's Steampunk Organ - and it's just awesome. We're talking about 300+ prims of awesome, so probably not something that most of us can leave lying around - but it really is gorgeous and wonderfully detailed. The playing animation is really cute, too!

Zayn also sent me his Steampunk Laptop - again, quite prim-heavy, but oh-so-cute! The gears on the cover spin, and you can drop your own textures and videos to be displayed on the screen. I love the key and the precious little brass clawfeet. Adorable!

Find :: Z's :: right here: [SLurl]

*FYI - Zayn has his furniture AND his sex RP items all together in his shop...so just be prepared for that. :)