Before I get started, just a quick thank you to everyone who came out for the Happy New Shop party yesterday!! We had a great time and I was so touched by the turnout...makes me want to open a new shop every week! ;) But I'm not gonna. Just FYI.

Ok, let's look at some houses! Aya Liotta sent me her latest release from -abode-, the Baxton Spring House. As with previous releases from -abode-, I really just enjoy the simplicity of the Baxton. I like the slightly shabby cottage-y feel, and the front & back porches are a nice little touch of subtle glam with the arches and columns.

Inside, you'll find an open living area, flanked on either side by a small bedroom. The windows are great - this would be gorgeous overlooking water - and I adore the little built-in shelves that help to define the living area. The beams on the ceiling are a very nice touch, too.

The Baxton would look very cozy filled with lots of overstuffed chairs and sofas, tricked out with lots of knick-knacks and greenery. My personal preference would be to have the house a bit more proportionate on the vertical scale - the footprint is just right, and while I do love the high ceilings, it can lead to a bit of an exaggerated feel. In the bottom pic below, that's me standing next to the bedroom door -- I only come up as high as the doorknob would be, and I'm a tall AV. :)

The Baxton Spring House is available now at -abode-! [SLurl]


You've most likely heard of  Zanzo, a pretty awesome fashion shop in SL. What you may not know is that the Zanzo designers, Theodore DuCasse and Drusus DuCasse, also have a pre-fab sub-brand, Ambient! Theodore sent me quite a few houses/skyboxes to check I did...and now I'll share  them with you. :) I'm a giver.

I pulled out the New England Retreat: Grace to play with. The exterior wood texture is yummy - weathered and worn, definitely very coastal. This is another example of simplicity, where less is more - very basic, three rooms and a deck - and the tower in the center gives a little oomph to the architecture.

The three rooms are a nice size and it's an easy flow from room to room. I love the corner windows in the tower, and the shading in the tower room is spot-on. I would love to see more shading/depth in the outer rooms to match the tower room - the floors look great, but the light blue wallpaper needs more corner/edge definition, at least for me.

I would recommend Ambient as a must-visit -- in addition to pre-fabs, they also offer really cute skyboxes, very colorful and a bit whimsical. Here's a peek at a few, as well as another pre-fab:

Check out Ambient Designs here [SLurl]!

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