Hi there! I am currently busy with these things:

These are both amazing and awesome events, so make sure you check them both out!

Now, because of these awesome events, I am not acting the part of faithful blogger like I should. I do have stuff to share with you, and I'm gonna - it's just gonna be in a quick whirlwind of vendor pics and very few words. How's that sound? Alright? Let's go!

First, a new release from La'Licious Designs - super cute dollhouse bedroom!

La'Licious Designs [SLurl]

Next, we have a new shop - Growbox! Designed by Makaio Stygian and featured at Trompe Loeil Prefabs, a great new place for really gorgeous sculpted flowers.

Growbox [SLurl]

Cheap Cheap - another new shop with a precious logo and an enticing name. ;) I haven't had a chance to check out the shop yet; designer Flanelle Bebb sent me a folder of pics and things to play with, and it looks like cute, shabby chic, and sometimes silly stuff! That's my kind of stuff!

Cheap Cheap [SLurl]

And finally, the team at NOTsoBAD has been super busy! They've just released a few new series of beds - gorgeous, of course, as is everything from NOTsoBAD - and also packed with tons of really fun animations! They include the naughty stuff ;) but also lots of casual, fun, hanging out animations. You can see the menu in the first set of pics, below:

There are also a bunch of new, modern, low prim lighting options...AND, if you're in the SOM group, then you already know about the group gift, theĀ  Nottam skybox! If you're not in the SOM -- well, you should be. So, go join. :)

NOTsoBAD [SLurl]

Talk to you soon! Now, go shop!