Yay for SLDD! If you're not sure what that is - read this post - and then sign up for SLDD at Second Spaces when you swing by to check out the special 50% deal for May 14! What's the special deal, you ask?

[dramatic pause]

Ta da! The Otis Dock Summer Hangout is a free floating dock that comes with everything you see here! There are custom sits included in the chairs, the towels, the boat, and the dock itself! It's a great spot to kick back with your best pals and enjoy the lazy summer weather...and for SLDD members, today only, it's available for just $250L!!!


Sign up for SLDD and grab the set at 50% off (May 14 only) right here at the main shop [SLurl]. The set is rezzed outside the shop, at the pond, so you can try it out!

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