Hi there. I feel like I have to apologize for my lack of good old-fashioned blogging, where I share cool things with you from around the grid. For about 3 months, since my massive PC upgrade, Emerald just doesn't want me to take pics in SL anymore...and pics tend to be fairly critical in blogging. So please know that I have not forsaken you, and I will continue to seek a solution so that I can much more easily take some !@#$%^ blog pics and keep you more frequently updated on things. Having said that, I endured approximately 15 crashes last night so that I could grab some pics from my list of "hey, I should blog these things because they're cool" landmarks. You're welcome! ;)

Blackstar by Izzy Dench - this is a great build to go check out even if you're just browsing. Lots of pretty awesome clothing here, too, but what I want to share are some of the prefabs that are available. All of Izzy's prefabs have a great grungy look to them, and sometimes a little fantasy/whimsy mixed in. Just a sample:

Make sure to head over to the Freebies building, too - look what I found! (Ignore the price on the vendor pic - these truly are freebies!)

Blackstar [SLurl]


Lost Dawn by Raki Barbosa - another great resource for grunge items - pretty much everything you see in the pics is available for purchase! Great stuff for accessorizing spaces. The warehouse is available as a prefab -- I really love it - and the furniture in the warehouse is available, too!

Lost Dawn [SLurl]


And to close out, more really cute stuff from Minke Bailey at MB-CreationZ! She's just released these Sculpted Mannequins - I love this idea for accessory decor! These would be great in a glam bedroom/dressing room, or a sewing room or artsy/crafty workroom. Gorgeous!

MB-CreationZ [SLurl]