Hi there! A few quick - but exciting! - things this morning...

First, don't forget, that the May SUYS event is this weekend! The theme is "Working 9 to 5" and it kicks off on Saturday at 9AM SLT!!!


There's a new skybox from Flutter Memel of Flowey --

I love the simplicity of a shabby white background - there are limitless opportunities for a space like this! You can check out the White Lies skybox here, and you can purchase it here.


Barnesworth Anubis has just released a new line of commercial prefabs and store displays at [ba]. I've always loved Barnes' commercial prefabs - and I guarantee that if you've ever shopped, then you've seen his prefabs in use. The new ones have the clean lines and details that Barnes always brings in his designs, and his store displays make it so easy to set up a well-dressed shop. I've always been a huge fan of store displays in RL, and I love to see well-done shelving and racks used in SL shops. These pics are just a small sample of what's available - swing by [ba] to see it all!

[ba] [SLurl]