I first came across Modest House by Tegan Sideshow during my 2010 Home Expo blogging. Just a few days ago, Tegan was kind enough to send me her newest prefab, the Old Stone House. It's a really cute, simple little house (also available as a skybox)...and while, yes, it is simple, it is not dull or void. There's sometimes a fine line between "simple" and "what? this is just a box" - Tegan's done a great job with her textures and little details to give this small space a lot of character. I took some time to play dollhouse for the pics...so check it out:

Both front doors are scripted to open, so you can fling them wide for a really nice open-air living space. There's a cute little back door/porch, as you can see...and the shutters are just kind of precious.

Inside is an average-sized living room, definitely big enough for a seating area and then some. I really like the extra detail of the thin window running along the top of the interior wall. It's an unexpected detail that helps to keep the room feeling airy and open.

The secondary room is a bit more spacious, and could easily be used as bedroom, office, workroom, or some combo of all of the above. I also really like how the back door is pushed off to the side with its own little mini-foyer...that would be totally cute with a small bench and some wall shelves...maybe a coat rack or umbrella stand, too. Again, the unexpected detail of a skylight is a nice touch.

Check out the Old Stone House and other prefabs at Modest House! [SLurl]

**Topiary (by the front door) is from The Loft; the floral arrangement in the living room, behind the chaise, is from MudHoney. All other items are from Second Spaces.**

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