December Dollinger of { dollipops } (one of the cutest store names ever) is just starting to branch out and include furniture in her shop. She sent me a review folder of her very first furniture release - the comfy couches.

The cushions are clickable to cycle thru 13 available textures - I like the polka dots. :) The couches also include 4 basic poses, built into each seat cushion and also the base. I like the sort of retro 70s rec room feel to the couches - no idea if that's what December was aiming for, but that's what I think of. The overall shape is a little offbeat, a little whimsical, and I like that, too.

As for my personal preferences (dear readers, you know how picky I can be!), I'd like to see a bit more shading on the white wood, and I'd definitely like a floor shadow underneath the couch. The scale is a bit on the large side, too - my avatar is about average size, maybe slightly on the taller side, and I'm a little dwarfed by the couch, especially the height of the back of it.

In that first picture, I'm standing immediately behind the couch, pressed up against it, and it comes almost to my shoulders. As you can see in the second picture, the horizontal scale is a better fit. Again, these are my personal preferences :) I may be a size queen. (oh my)

Check out { dollipops } to try the couches yourself, and to keep your eye on what December brings us next. I do look forward to seeing what comes next - I like her choice of colors and fabrics, and the overall feel of her pieces so far. Yay!

{ dollipops } [SLurl]


I also received a review folder from Nimue Jewell of Prim Pincher Low Prim Furniture. I know that Prim Pincher has been around for a while, and Nimue is very focused on form, function, and value while continuing to cater to the low-prim market. I'm all for low prim counts, just because that means I can place more stuff, but I rarely sacrifice looks just to save some prims. That means I'm pretty wary of anything marketed as 'low-prim', but I think Prim Pincher is worth a browse, especially for those with stricter prim limits.

First are the dining sets. These are color change - you have the option of 10 different solid colors, on both the tables and the chairs. The cool thing is, of course, that each chair is only 2 prims, and each table is only 3 prims. It's nice to be able to mix & match colors, too...and I really like the diamond detail of the chair backs in the second picture.

Nimue also sent her Driftwood Collection - all of the pieces are less than 10 prims, some as low as 3 or 4 prims. The seating pieces include singles and couples poses, which is great. Low prim shouldn't mean low functionality, and Nimue includes quite a few seating options in each piece.

Personal preference again - you can see in the second picture that the scale of the chair is a bit off, from all perspectives. I'd like to see the upholstered pieces sized down a little bit - my feet should come a bit closer to touching the floor. :)

The loungers from the Driftwood Collection are much better scaled - pretty spot-on, really. Again, lots of sit animations to choose from, and quality animations at that.

To satisfy my pickiness, I would like to see a lot more depth/shading in the fabrics, and the shading in the wood is a bit random on some of the pieces, although it seems to still give a finished look. I'd also like to see Nimue branch out in her use of sculpted prims - there are so many options for pillows and cushions now, it would be easy to make these pieces look a bit more luxurious without adding any prims. I do think that the tables and chairs are great options for your basic pieces in a room - you save lots of prims by using these, which leaves more prims for decorative accents and more whimsical items to round out your decorating. There's a prim-conscious decorating tip for ya. ;)

Be sure to check out Prim Pincher and the rest of Nimue's items! [SLurl]

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