Not only is Molto Bene! an excellent all-purpose blog post title, it's also the name of the pre-fab shop owned by my musical soul mate, Annunziata Macchi. I've had my eye on Molto Bene! since its beginning, because it's really cute stuff, and I just hadn't gotten around to actually blogging it. Luckily, Annunziata gave me a little push when she sent over her Harwich Colonial house for me to check out.

The Harwich is available in "full size" and "mini" - I pulled out the mini version to play with, and really, it's a great size for 1-2 people. The full size is still quite cozy, too, which I like - so be sure to check that one out, as well.

The porch is great, plenty of room for a cute seating area, and very inviting. I'm a porch fiend, as it is, and this one makes me happy. When you step inside, you find a nice living room that could easily be multi-functional; the angles of the room seem very conducive to zones, so you can set up a living area, an office, maybe a craft area - lots of possibilities here. My absolute favorite thing in this room is the closet under the stairs, which you can see in the 2nd picture below -- I love nooks! That space would be wasted otherwise - I love that Annunziata took the time to give that area some attention.

Adjacent to the living room is an attached sunroom that would be great as a kitchen. Upstairs is a single bedroom - lots of room for a nice comfy bed, dressing area, maybe a sitting area, too.

Some of the details that caught my eye are the transom window over the doorway between the living room and sunroom -- I love a transom! - and the crown molding detail in some of the wall textures. It's a simple touch that gives a bit of sophistication.

Overall, the Harwich is definitely a must-see if you're house-hunting. You guys know how picky I am, so of course, I would love to see a bit more shading in the wall textures, especially the exterior walls - but the way Annunziata has used the artchitecture to work with her textures, I wouldn't say it's lacking depth, not at all. Great job!

Be sure to stop by the Molto Bene! location to check out Annunziata's other items. Some of my favorites:

Molto Bene! [SLurl]

You can also check it out on XStreet!

*Furniture shown is from The Loft, La'Licious Designs, and Second Spaces. Landscaping items are from Heart Garden, Organica, and Botanical.*

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