Hi there! I'm on RL vacation this week...which (hopefully) means blog catch-up time. Fingers crossed!

Fleetwind Soulstar sent me a copy of her latest release from Starwind Designs - the Starwind <summer> Home. I've seen some of Fleetwind's skyboxes around the blogs, but I hadn't really checked them out. The <summer> home is the first full ground-level build from Starwind, and I think it's really cute!

I really enjoy the color scheme - those are happy colors. The house has a simple layout, basically an open floorplan downstairs, with a little sleeping loft upstairs. The upper balcony is accessed from the loft - that would be a great place for a little cafe table & chairs, maybe a large comfy outdoor lounger. I <3 balconies.

The pics above are the view from each end of the house. I like that there is a door at each end, as well. The little alcove off to the side would be great for a sitting room, or a kitchen/dining area. I do like that there are so many windows, and floor length windows at that -- but I can see that might lead to some challenges with furniture and accessories placement. Not a showstopper, by any means, though.

There's a look at the sleeping loft - that would be totally cute with a few pieces of shabby cottage furniture...I'd love to have a nice rumpled bed pushed back into the corner by the window. The middle picture is a closer view of the side nook on the first floor - cute wall textures. The third pic is just to show the wood wall texture that's used throughout - I really like the rough feeling of it - it's a nice counter to the candy colors. I like the floor texture used on the first floor - would love to see a bit more edge shading to it, because I'm fanatical about that - but I really like the color and the rustic feel of it. Overall, the Starwind <summer> Home is totally cute and definitely worth taking a look, especially if you're looking for something cheery and colorful, something that stands out a little.

I did swing by the shop to check out what else Fleetwind has to offer - there are some cute skyboxes to see! My two favorites:

Available now at Starwind Designs [SLurl]

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