Hi again. :) Another review for you today - PT Beardmore of Veritas Designs sent me a few of his items to check out. In PT's words, Veritas Designs focuses "mainly on docks, bridges, and pretty things to ornament your landscaped property." It seems to be a fairly small collection at this point, but I like what I've seen. Check out the goodies PT sent over...

That's the Small Covered Bridge, above. I love covered bridges, just in general...this one is cute and rustic and I <3 it. The textures are great, and I like the little details of the candles and the arched accents on the side. I may have to create an area on my sim that needs to be bridged.

Next is the Rustic Dock - it's simple, nothing fancy, and also well textured. This would be great on a lake or pond with some super comfy seating and lots of plants and flowers.

PT also sent me his Flower Cart - really cute, nice and shabby and rustic - I've got this displayed on my sim now. :) What's really cool is that this cart is available at Operation Squeegee, where 100% of proceeds are donated to a fundraiser for the National Wildlife Federation, to aid in recovery from the Gulf oil spill. Operations Squeegee ends July 15th (I'm so behind :( ), so be sure to check that out now!

I did swing by PT's shop to see what else he has, and I adore the Tiny Church! I'm not sure if this is rezzed anywhere for viewing, but the picture looks precious.

Check out Veritas Designs here: [SLurl]