Good morning. :) Stacie Pryor has released another gorgeous home from [SPRY], the get lost/get found Seaside Cottage. This is the larger, grounded version of her get lost/get found skybox, and I like it! The mix of textures, the weathered look, and the window details make me happy.

Speaking of window details - I know it's a simple thing, but you may really not understand my love of transom windows. So, here, I will show you: <3.

French doors alone are always great - adding the transom and side window makes them even better. I like that Stacie left the front door asymmetrical, too.

Inside is a nice-sized living area that leads around to a bedroom in the back. Another simple thing that I really like is the dividing wall between the two rooms that you see as you come in the front door. I think it's very common for SL houses to be one square room that is attached to another square room by a door...the dividing wall gives subtle definition to the bedroom, and also creates a sort of quasi-foyer in the front. Yay for foyers, and 5 points to me for using "quasi".

There's that bay window/window seat that I love so much, too. :)

In the back is the bedroom, a good size for decorating, with more french doors leading to the back patio. I love the double entrance to the back patio, from either the main living area or the bedroom - it would be great to leave both sets of doors open for a nice airy feel.

Now, clearly, I didn't decorate for blogging purposes - I wanted to show the house alone. However, to get a great idea of how wonderfully this space can be used, check out Stacie's blog to see what she did with it - gorgeous!

The get lost/get found Seaside Cottage is available on XStreet, and at the in-world [SPRY] location [SLurl]. You can also check out the demo right here [SLurl].

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