I like this post's title because it sounds like it could be the name of a shop found in a Harry Potter book. It's not, though.

Meila Solo of buttons. sent me a copy of her first house, the On the Harbor Home. It's a cute, simple little cottage - I think it could be used on the ground or as a skybox...as long as you're not picky about actually being on a harbor.

I like having a cloth canopy over the porch - it gives a light, airy feeling. I did giggle that the left corner of the canopy is magically standing on its own without a support beam - yay for SL's lack of gravity! :) The little flowerbox with whimsical flowers is a cute touch.

Inside is a large common room with a bedroom space divided into the back corner. Meila has included a fun skylight with streaming sunlight, which I like - streaming sunlight is always cheery to me.

Here's a close-up of the built-in bookshelves and window seat in the main room, and a shot of the bedroom interior:

Overall, I like the sort of rough feeling of the textures - as always, I would like to see more shading/depth in the wall and floor textures, just for a bit more definition and separation..that's just something my eye is drawn to. I do like the accent of the blue wall in the main living area, and the green walls in the bedroom are really cute. Great job of breaking up an otherwise beige interior.

Meila also sent me her Shabby Little Window Shelf - very cute little accent piece!

Buttons [SLurl]


Hopefully you've heard about the Summer of Love Fair that just kicked off on Saturday. If not, check out the website here, and then get over to the fair for some great new items! (Second Spaces is not in the fair, but I am participating with my pose shop, Pulling Strings, so look for my stuff when you go. ;) )

Barcode, by Makenzie Irling, is in the SOL Fair, and she sent me copies of her SOL offerings - the Osterham Living Room. Just a cute, basic living set: couch, chair, coffee table, and entertainment center. Nice basics to anchor a room.

The curves on the upholstered pieces are cute - so, they're still basic pieces, but with a little flair, and I like that. I also really like the choice of accent fabrics on the pillows -- a little fancy, but not too formal.

The entertainment center is a nice foundational piece - cute little display shelves on the sides for your knick-knacks, and plenty of room for your TV...OR, what would be really cute is a nice art piece hung in the middle instead of a TV. That's how I would roll.

Barcode at SOL [SLurl]

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