Hi again! I've got another house to show you today -- seems like the SL prefab market is booming! Aya Liotta of -abode- sent me her latest, the Niko house. Definitely Mediterranean in feel, this house is on a slightly larger scale, but certainly not massive. Just the right amount of living space for you and a friend or two.

I like the rough cloth accents on the covered patio in the front. Lots and lots of windows in this house, which I also like. When you walk in, there are 2 rooms, one on each side, and the main living area opens up from that small entrance foyer. The columns are a nice touch, a subtly grand (that may be an oxymoron) introduction to the space.

There are sliding doors on two sides of the room - one set takes you to a small open patio, and the other takes you to the enclosed patio in the middle picture above. I like the lattice walls - keeps the space from feeling crowded. In the third pic above, you can see the main room from above - it's a 2 story high ceiling, with windows all around - that little ledge that marks where the lower meets the upper would be great for large art pieces, small plants, and various knick-knacks.

The two rooms that are off to the sides could be bedrooms, offices or workrooms - anything, really. The room in the first pic below also has a door opening to the outside, right across from the front patio. I like the mix of textures in that room, with the red and the rough browns. The other room is all windows on two sides, and has a great skylight. What I like best about the skylight is that it's a window well, rather than just a flat window on the ceiling. The physical depth is a nice touch.

Last is a close-up of the front door - I am always a fan of eye-catching entrances.

Overall, I think Aya has done another great job with the Niko. The textures are good -- there are a few visible seams in some of the walls (you may notice that in the window-well room above), but nothing earth-shattering. They're only noticeable from certain angles...and possibly only to folks as persnickety as me. :) Be sure to swing by -abode- to see this house for yourself!

-abode- [SLurl]

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