Hi there, and welcome to August! I had a bunch of really nice review packages sent to me last week, so now I begin my attempt to catch up. Always fun!

Charlotte Bartlett of Scarlet Creative sent me her newest skybox and in the review folder, she included the following note:

Scarlet Creative turns 4 years old in September and each year we create a new range and explore our current inspiration.

This year it is going a little back to our roots.  The urban style home.   The range will start with a skybox "Becoming More Like Alfie" and comes in two options, shell or with furniture.    Following the skybox will be a further range from sleek spa style properties for the beach through to a new grand prefab.

As much as I'm a shabby chic kind of girl, I've also always appreciated well-done urban style. The "Becoming More Like Alfie" skybox is a great example of urban simplicity - lots of character, but still a fairly empty canvas to allow you to inject your own character and personality.

A nice big open concept floor plan - and I love how the stairs are off in their own little hallway, but still open to the dining area in the back. Great for traffic flow. I like the super large window on the front, as well - even skyboxes need a view! Throughout the skybox, you can change the look of the windows, as well -- open or closed blinds, dark or light opacity, etc.

Charlotte spent a lot of time in the kitchen and dining area. The rooms themselves are simple with clean lines; what's really fun are the options built into the tabletops! I'm a sucker for SL food stuff - that's why you can see  me in the background of the pics above, setting up my table - and the Alfie comes with a few different options for setting your table. I went with the fun party food in the dining room...

...and then breakfast in the kitchen the next morning. I like the striped wall in the kitchen - it's a nice accent and a fun way to break up the white brick (which I also like). I also included a close-up here of the fire place in the living room...and you can see there, again, the nice flow from living to dining.

Upstairs is an open loft bedroom -  love the suspended platform bed - and an open bathroom. More simple and clean lines, and the use of wire mesh for the upper part of the bathroom walls is creative - glass half-walls would have been great, too, but the mesh is unexpected and that makes it cool.

You can see "Becoming More Life Alfie" now at Scarlet Creative [SLurl], and keep a look out for more new releases in the urban line.

Authorelle kirshner