Hi there! Some cute stuff for you today...

Mainit Hellman of [Baustein] sent me his latest release: the Chapman set (named after SySy Chapman). I have always loved this sort of mudroom/entry hallway furniture - perfect for hanging coats, storing hats and scarves and umbrellas, a great little drop off point when you first walk in the door. If I should ever have a mudroom in RL (which would be AWESOME), it's guaranteed that I will have a set up like this.

I love the wicker baskets and the shopping bag - nice touches to make it feel 'lived in', which I really like. As always, Mainit has done an awesome job with his shadows - great depth on these pieces. For my personal taste, I would like these shadows to be a bit softer...but either way, it's an excellent job of adding shadows. (Just to be clear - the shadows you see are included with the furniture - I do not have SL shadows enabled.)

The empty frames are a nice decorative touch, gives a little bit of glam to the set up.

Great job, once again, by Mainit - and only 19 prims, btw. Be sure to stop by [Baustein] to see it for yourself! [SLurl]


More cuteness, and quite exciting, at that -- Saeya Nyanda of Kyoot has recently opened Kyoot Home! Hopefully, dear readers, you all know Kyoot for their clothing and hair (awesome), and I am very excited to have a Kyoot home store available now! It's a small inventory at the moment, but definitely worth checking out. Be sure to join the SOM group, too - the group gift is adorable! You can see that in the first pic, below...

...along with a sampling of what you'll find at Kyoot Home. Be sure to get over there to check it out, and I look forward to seeing what else Saeya comes up with!

Kyoot Home [SLurl]

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