Leyla Firefly of Belle Belle always amazes me. Besides her immense talent, attention to detail, and the fact that she's just awesomely sweet and fun, I love how creatively her mind works. She just really comes up with some cool stuff! For example [drum roll]...her latest release, the Calypso Cave! This is so fun - like a portable grotto. And who can't use one of those?

The Calypso comes with a cute little cloud that you rez, sit on, and then command it to take you to your cave! (Perhaps not that dramatically.) The cloud shoots you up about 2000m in the air and rezzes the cave for you..and voila! Your own private cave hideaway. Filled with lush foliage, a gorgeous waterfall, and beautiful rays of sunlight - it's very peaceful and cozy. Speaking of cozy....

...see the little fur rug on the rock in the middle there? That's where the magic happens. More about that in a minute.

It's a simple set- up, really - you're surrounded by cave walls, lovely plants, peaceful water. I really do adore the break in the cave ceiling where the sunlight streams in - I think that makes all the difference in the 'feel' of the cave. That and the double waterfall are my favorite features.

Now...back to the aforementioned magic. If you know Belle Belle (and, dear readers, you should!), then you know that Leyla does not skimp on animations!! That little fur rug is PACKED with couples animations...sweet, saucy, naughty, and then some. Here's just a sampling of the menu options:

Oh my.

I had to pull my boy alt out and dust him off just so I could show you a few of the animations. In addition to, you know, all the love...this cave would make for a ton of amazing photo ops.

Be sure to check out the Calypso Cave for yourself...and keep an eye out for future sceneries that will also work with the skybox rezzer that powers the cave. I can't wait to see what else Leyla comes up with!

Belle Belle [SLurl]

p.s. There's also a way to perma-rez your cave if you prefer. Fun!

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