Hi there! Remember how I just told you a few days ago about Kyoot Home? Awesome, right? Well, Saeya Nyanda has been busy, and already has more super cute stuff - I am really digging her work! She's added a few more colors of her Silhouette Photo Tree - this is a really artsy way to display some of your favorite photos  - shown here in white:

You'll notice those little jars in the corner of the pic above - those are my favorite!! The Memento Jars are so precious - I love this idea in RL, too. There are four different jars available - I have them all out here, resized just for the visual. You select your own photos to drop into the object contents, and then just click the jar to select which one you want to display! Adorable!

Saeya also has Balloon Lights - these are just fun. :) I love the outlet and the dangling plug (ooh, great band name: Dangling Plug! \m/). They're available in the primary colors, or in white - and the white can be tinted, as shown in my pretty light blue set.

That brings us to the Tree Branch Jar Lights - great lighting option, would be adorable indoors or out! Saeya and I had a little chat the other day about how we love things in mason jars -- how can you not?? They make everything cuter! See!?

Kyoot Home [SLurl]


The amazing team from NOTsoBAD has just released the Wilfried set, great for your modern living rooms. Clean lines, wonderful texturing, and a great variety of colors! I love the green and the orange!

NOTsoBAD [SLurl]

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