Good morning! Liz Gealach of Thistle sent me her latest prefab release, the Chatham Cottage. I had seen a few preview pics on Plurk ( if ya wanna) and completely fell in love with it. It's kinda of craftsman-coastal, I think, and I love the stone accents. When I set up for the blog pics, I sort of felt compelled to use a foggy, misty Windlight setting - it just seemed to fit, and gave the house a dreamy, almost ethereal feel to it...sort of like I had wandered across the house in the middle of a New England forest on a foggy fall morning, and decided to make myself at home since the front door was open...which, btw, I would totally do. Never leave your front door open when I'm in the neighborhood.

I love the columns on the front porch, and the window box is precious. Around back you can see that the house is larger than it appears from the front (I love house magic like that), and offers a few more great outdoor living spaces.

Stepping inside the front door, you'll find a great entry foyer space - it's really a room of its own, with its great corners for accent pieces and its subtle division from the main living area.

Beyond the foyer is the great room, a very large space with plenty of room to set up a large living area, an office, even a kitchen/dining area. Lots of windows for lots of natural light, and more french doors that lead to the back patio.

Just off the foyer, there's also a dining room (or maybe a more formal home office space), plenty big enough for a full set of formal dining furniture. I also wanted to show you the stairs a bit closer - I adore these stairs with the 90 degree turn and the little landing - something very quaint about them.

Upstairs is a large, open bedroom - again, french doors take you to the upstairs patio. There's a smaller room off to the side - could be your bathroom, a work room, a nursery, pretty much anything you'd like.

All in all, Liz has done a great job with her textures - the wood floors are gorgeous, and the walls are a nice simple texture with nice shading and great crown molding detail. The exterior of the house has a bit too much shading (who thought I would ever say that?), just where prims are meeting or the texture has been repeated - it leads to some odd dark lines, as seen below:

I don't know that it makes a difference to most folks, but it is something that catches my eye. Still, taking the house as a whole, it's a great looking piece, and very livable. The house is also scripted so you can change the interior and exterior textures - there are a few different color options to choose from, and it's nice to be able to customize. Liz also mentioned in her note that there are plans to release a medium and a dark colored version in the future.

Go see the Chatham Cottage at Thistle! [SLurl]

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