I'll be honest - I'm scaring myself a bit with how consistently I've been blogging lately. Weird.

Desiree Bisiani and Cheewha Palen of Ambiance Interactive have just released not 1...not 2...but 3 new rooms of furniture! Desiree was kind enough to send me the new Hacienda Collection sets to play around with...so I did.

We'll start in the Hacienda Living Room - I like the wicker for the upholstered pieces...gives it a warm lodge feeling. The fireplace is part of the set, as well as all the accessories you see.

I do wish the rug was Modify - I really like my rugs to cover most of the room, just my personal preference. As always, Desiree has included some cute accessories that make the space feel very lived-in.  I always love her little trays of food or drinks!

Next is the Hacienda Dining Room - a nice, basic set, complete with table and chairs, lighting, sideboard, and an art piece. The place settings are also included for the table, which is always nice, and you get a few dining animations in the chairs, too.

When I first rezzed the dining chairs, they seemed a bit too tall...once I sat, though, they aren't too far off in size. My feet dangle a little bit, and the chair backs are a bit high, but overall, it's a good fit.

Finally, we have the Hacienda Bedroom Set. I didn't actually play around with the bed animations, but I know that Ambiance always packs their stuff with great animations, so I'm sure it's full! I like the little pitcher &  basin set on the side table, along with the basket of towels - always a cute, quaint accessory.

I did notice that the dresser seems a bit out of proportion, at least for me...

As I've said before, I'm pretty much an average-sized avatar; the dresser comes up higher than my waist, and it looks like I could probably curl up in one of the drawers...which would be kinda cool, let's be honest. :) The rest of the furniture seems well-proportioned - a little on the large side, but not awkwardly so.

All three sets include a few color change options, a great feature that Ambiance almost always includes in their sets, and the bedroom is available in both a PG version and an Intimate Encounters version.

All the sets are available now, so stop by Ambiance to take a look! [SLurl]

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