Hi there! Remember earlier this month, I told you about the latest awesomeness from Belle Belle - the Calypso Cave? (over here) I had said then to keep an eye out for future sceneries...and the future is here! Or some other dramatic statement that lets you know that I mean business!

Leyla sent me the next installment for the Bliss Box (the rezzer that operates the Calypso Cave) - the Firefly Dream. So gorgeous and mystical!

The same as with the Calypso Cave, you rez a little cloud that takes you up 2000 meters and rezzes the Firefly Dream for you. You get all the yummy animations that I shared in the Calypso blog post, and a lovely fantastical place to spend time with your sweetie. I love the little winged lanterns that are hanging around, and the grassy area is just beautiful with all the fireflies and sparkly lights floating all around.

So pretty! Be sure to head over to Belle Belle to take a look...and be excited to see what scenery is released next!

Belle Belle [SLurl]

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