Hi there! Leyla Firefly of Belle Belle has done it again - another awesome scenery for her Bliss Box series. I've shared the Calypso Cave and the Firefly Dream sceneries with you...and the latest, San Francisco, is my favorite so far!

The San Francisco is a gorgeous ballroom - very grand, with beautiful detail - and the view of San Francisco is amazing! As you look out over the city, you can hear and see the water gently rippling - it's wonderfully surreal.

The chandelier is beautiful! The wood detailing is amazing, too - as always with Leyla, the textures are just perfect. Also as always, the San Francisco scene is *packed* with fun (and naughty!) animations. The dancefloor, the chaise, and even the piano include amazing animations - I broke out the boy alt to show a few...but not the naughty ones. He and I aren't that close.

As you can see in that last pic, he suspected me of slipping something in his champagne. That's why I don't bring him out very often.

This scene is perfect for a very romantic and fancy night for two -- and I can also totally see it as an amazing set up for a big event! There's plenty of room for all of your friends - it would be a great party. You can send my invite to Elle Kirshner, Work Platform, Second Life. Kthx. ♥

See it at Belle Belle [SLurl] !

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